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San Jose Beauty Image

San Jose Beauty Image

The image above shows you how beautiful professional make up can look when photographed up close. Again with proper lighting techniques and proper slimming positioning we will make you look beautiful!We also have worked with several hair and make up studios for years so you don’t have to look for a recommendation.


San Jose Beauty Sessions – Why haven’t you treated yourself to your Beauty Session yet?

We know that being behind the camera can be intimidating. “What do I wear?, I’m

camera shy!, I’m fat!, I’m ugly!” are words I hear often and that’s why it’s important to

book a complimentary consultation. At the consultation, we discuss clothing, colors you

look best in, hair and make up and provide a checklist  to prepare you for the photo


Having makeup and hair done professionally is essential to your Beauty Photo Shoot and

we cannot say enough what a difference it makes.

When you are camera ready we will take it from there! We pose you to flattering

positions that slim you down, make colors pop and with years of studio lighting

techniques your portfolio will have beautiful images!

Why not give yourself a treat and call us today to book your Beauty Session appointment!